Running SimHub Dashboard on a Raspberry Pi

SimHub Dashboard


How to run SimHub Dashboard

on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS Operating System

24th October 2023


The Raspberry Pi is usually installed with the Raspberry Pi OS (Formerly Raspbian) operating system. At the time of writing the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS is called Bookworm which uses version 6.1.21 of the Linux kernel or later. The above image shows SimHub running on a PC and SimHub Dashboard running on a Raspberry Pi 4B and using the official Raspberry Pi 7-inch touch-screen as the display. The game running on the PC is a free version of BMW M3 Challenge.

Raspberry Pi SimHub Dashboard features

1. Runs on Raspberry Pi models 3B and 4B.

2. Uses a wide choice of touch-screens ranginging from 2.5-inch to 7-inch.

3. All demo software in this tutorial is free but can be upgraded at a cost.

4. SmHub Dashboard supports well over 65 different simulators.

5. A wide variety of dasboards are available and more can be downloaded

6. Comprehensive manual is included on how to install SimHub Dashboard on the Raspberry Pi.


The manual below describes how to get SimHub running in a Chromium Web brrowser using most Raspberry Pi models, specifically model 3B and 4B.


The Bob Rathbone Computer Consultancy (BRCC) does not provide any direct support for SimHub Dashboard software or any associated simulation software. If there are problems with SimHub itself then you are referred to the SimHub Help Forum for support. There are also no guarantees that this procedure will work for later releases of SimHub than version 9.01.5 as BRCC has no control over the release processes employed by, neither shall BRCC be under any obligation to correct or maintain this procedure.


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