Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

These pages describe how to create an Internet radio using the Raspberry PI computer. On this page you will find the description of the project, Python source files, documentation for installation instructions, Download the constructors manual below (Requires Adobe PDF Reader). The features of the radio are shown at the end of this page.

On the Constructors Pages you will see examples of other constructors examples of the radio using this design.

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For examples by other constructors Pi Internet Radio Constructors page


  • Runs on Raspbian Stretch or Lite (Version 5.12 designed for Debian Wheezy)
  • Raspberry PI running standard Music Player Daemon (MPD) version 0.19
  • Supports all new board types, revision 2, 2B, 3B, 3B+ and Zero/W (Old version 1 unsupported)
  • Supports the following displays:
    • Two or four line LCD with 8,16 or 20 charachter displays
    • The above LCDs but using an I2C backpack
    • Adafruit five pushbutton LCD plate
    • Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touch screen
    • Adafruit 3.5 inch TFT touch screen
    • HDMI TV or Monitor
    • Olimex 128x64 pixel OLED display
  • The following user interfaces are supported
    • Five or six push button operation (Menu, Volume Up, Down, Channel Up, Down, Mute)
    • Two rotary Encoders with push buttons (Volume and channel)
    • IQAudio Cosmic controller with three push buttons and a rotary encoder
    • Touch screen and mouse
    • IR Remote control
  • Clock display or IP address display (for web interface)
  • Artist and track search function
  • Timer (Snooze) and Alarm functions (LCD versions only)
  • Icecast streaming to a Personal Computer or to mobile devices
  • Optional Spotify server
  • Optional Airplay receiver
  • Plays music from a USB stick, SD card or from a Network drive (NAS)
  • Option to display RSS news feeds
  • Playlist creation from Shoutcast public database or own files
  • Web interface using snoopy
  • Support for Airplay (shairport-sync)
  • Fully integrated with MpDroid and mPod mobile apps.
  • Espeak support for blind or visually impaired persons

Download the software below. Version 5.12 is for PiFaceCAD support only and needs Raspbian Jessie.
The details will be found in the Rasbpberry Pi Radio V5 manual below.

Documentation          Download software
Raspberry PI Radio.pdf (Latest) radiod_6.8_armhf.deb (Latest)
Raspberry PI Radio V5.pdf (Jessie only) radiod_5.12_armhf.deb (For PiFaceCAD)
PI Vintage Radio.pdf   radiodweb_1.7_armhf.deb (Latest)
PI Vintage Radio Operating Instructions.pdf   radiodweb_1.4_armhf.deb (Jessie only)
Radio release notes   radiod-patch-6.8-1.tar.gz