Rasppberry Pi Stepper Motor Tutorial

This project has been designed to help students or hobbyists get started with driving stepper motors on the Raspberry PI. It covers two types of stepper motor namely unipolar and bipolar. The difference between these two is explained in the manual below. The principal hardware required to run stepper motors on a Raspberry PI consists of the following components:

  1. A Raspberry PI computer (all models)
  2. A single or dual stepper motor driver board
  3. As alternative to the above an I2C interface can be used
  4. Object orientated Python3 driver code
  5. Either
  6. One or two x 5-Wire "28BYJ-48" stepper Motor (bipolar motor) with ULN2803A driver
  7. Or
  8. A 12-volt #324 (Nema17) high torque stepper motor (unipolar motor) with H-Driver
On this page you will find the description of the project, Python source files, documentation for installation instructions, Download the constructors manual below (Requires Adobe PDF Reader).

Documentation          Download software
Raspberry PI Stepper Motor Stepper motor tar file

To extract software on the Raspberry Pi first download with wget and then extract it with tar

  1. mkdir stepper
  2. cd stepper
  3. wget https://bobrathbone.com/raspberrypi/packages/pi_stepper_motor.tar.gz
  4. tar -xvf pi_stepper_motor.tar.gz