IQaudIO Cosmic Controller

This page describes a development framework for the IQaudIO Cosmic Controller and an Olimex SSD1306 128 by 64-pixel OLED. The source files provided with this project provide a basic framework for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and constructors to develop their own projects using the IQaudIO Cosmic Controller and Olimex OLED display. The Cosmic Controller and OLED package is particulary useful for projects where space is limited

Hardware Features

The IQaudIO Cosmic controller consists of the following:

  • A three push-button interface
  • A rotary encoder
  • Three status LEDs
  • An Olimex 128 by 64 pixel OLED display (I2C interface)
  • Optional IR sensor (Ordered separately)

Hardware can be ordered from IQaudIO at

Software Features

The software package and documentation contains:

  • Simple re-usable classes for the Cosmic Contoller written in Python 3
  • Text and graphics routines for the Olimex OLED
  • A reusable rotary encoder class
  • Code for the Infra Red sensor
  • Instructions how to create a system daemon for the controller
  • Instructions and build files for creating your own package

Project ideas

Here are some ideas for using the Cosmic Controller and Olimex OLED:

  • Alarm clock and timer
  • An Internet radio
  • A weather station
  • Process monitoring system
  • Infra Red remote control projects
  • Projects requiring rotary encoders or buttons
  • Simple OLED graphics applications

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Documentation          Download software
IQaudIO Cosmic Controller.pdf cosmicd_2.0_armhf.deb