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How to download, compile and install the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS Operating System

8th of October 2020


The Raspberry Pi is iusually installed with the Raspberry Pi OS (Formerly Raspbian) operating system. At the time of writing the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS is called Buster which uses version 4.19.118 of the Linux kernel or later. Unfortunately, Raspberry Pi OS is released with a very out-of-date version of the Music Player Daemon (MPD) which is used by the Internet Radio project described on this site. This has always been the case to date.

The version described in this procedure is for MPD version 0.22.3 whilst the version released with Buster is only version 0.21.5 which is some twenty four versions behind the latest one. The latest version of MPD is also much quicker to load giving a faster start-up time of the radio/media player. Due to its age it is almost impossible to get support on the older version of MPD released with RaspiOs if there is a problem.

The manual below describes how to download, compile and install MPD. Although this documentation is based upon MPD version 0.22.3 it can probably be used for later versions of MPD simply by amending the version number in the instruction. This procedure is based upon the documentation found in the User Manual at


The Bob Rathbone Computer Consultancy (BRCC) does not provide any direct support for Music Player Daemon software. If there are problems with MPD itself then you are referred to the Music Player Daemon Forum for support. BRCC simply compiles the MPD source directly downloaded from without modification. There are also no guarantees that this procedure will work for later releases of MPD than version 0.22 as BRCC has no control over the development process employed by, neither shall BRCC be under any obligation to correct or maintain this procedure. However, it is vey likely that it will work for later releases of MPD with minimum modification. The procedure described in the manual below is provided as is, without guarantee, warranties expressed or implied and BRCC shall not be liable for any loss or damage how so ever caused. You use this procedure at your own risk. See the full DISCLAIMER in the manual below.


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