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Air Traffic Control LFV Sweden

In the mid-90's the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority LVF (Luftfartsverket) started a major project to upgrade the Air traffic Control facilities in Sweden. This meant the building of two new en-route control centres in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Malmö-Sturup Airport. A new tower and a third runway at Arlanda was also built along with the upgrading of some twelve towers to use the new facilities. The contract for the Air Traffic Control Systems was Awarded to Airsys ATM (Now Thomson CF France) based at the time in Chessington in the UK and Bagneaux in France.

Between 1998 and 2000, I was responsible for all aspects of the commissioning and testing of all hardware, some 60 servers, 150 ATC positions and all associated network equipment. I produced the commissioning and test specifications, provided training and support. I also had full responsibility for the commissioning and acceptance testing with the customer and ran all the appropriate progress meetings. Although much of the equipment has now been replaced as technology has improved, it is still one of my finest projects.