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Web site details for www.bobrathbone.com

This web site runs on two Intel Pentium servers running the Centos 5.0 operating system. The servers are located at my office in the Netherlands. The web server software used  is  Apache 2.0. The site uses a combination of HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XML and PHP4 to provide page content. A third web server located with a service provider provides a limited backup service in the unlikely event that both servers are off-line. The link to the internet is achieved using an ADSL modem.

The servers are located behind a firewall and are runnning Redhat Cluster and provide automatic fail-over to the standby server should the primary web server fail. I further monitor site usage using Webalizer web site monitoring software. The web pages were written using primarily Frontpage 2003.

I also run my own e-mail service on these two servers using Postfix as the mail delivery agent. This uses  POP to read e-mail and SMTP for delivery. For web-based e-mail I use the popular SquirrelMail web mail  program via an IMAP interface.

I have set up all of the components such as Apache, Postfix, DNS, DHCP and wireless services for the promotion of my own web-site and I am able to provide these services to companies wishing to run either their own internet and or intranet site. I do this either through a contract or on a part-time basis.

Using Perl CGI scripts, HTML and WML, I have created a number of WAP and i-Mode web pages for mobile telephones.  Click on the mobile phone below for more information and to see both WAP and i-Mode simulations. My flight planning page also makes use of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to provide aeronautical information using Web Services.

I monitor all of my servers and network equipment using the Nagios Monitoring Tool monitoring tool.

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