Web site development
  I have been producing and maintaining my own Web site and servers for a number of years using Microsoft Frontpage. I produced this site using a Frontpage theme along with some code written in Javascript and ActiveX components.  Click left graphic for a demonstration. I also use Perl and SOAP in my flight planning pages. I have also produced my own intranet site for internal use. My latest site is for marketing my own flight planning products on www.aviatorcalc.com.
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CGI Scripts
Much of the professional web development that I have been doing is produced using CGI scripts written in both Perl and Korn shell. These have mainly been for enhancements to HP Openview Network Node Manager. I have used Korn shell, Javascript, Perl, and PHP4 for scripts. When I was working at Thorn Transit in Wells I wrote a web based equipment maintenance program using Korn shell and accessing an Oracle datatbase via SQL.

The map here is the shortcut to the page show locations around Europe and the world that I have worked. This has been produced with the help of Javascript to process events when a mouse is over a so called 'hot spot' in the maps. Click on the map to see this feature.

Web Based Technologies
This is my main area of work. I have worked for both an Internet Service Provider (Colt Telecom in Amsterdam) and two major corporations ( Nuon,Amsterdam and a leading Pharmaceutical company in Belgium). The latter two run their own major networks with provision of Internet services. These include VPN access for business partners, Internet Access, web site hosting and load-balancing services. I have a good working knowledge of Cisco Pix firewalls,  Arrowpoint load-balancers and Cisco caching engines. I also have a good understanding of the relevant protocols such as HTTP, WCCP and IpSec.
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Mobile web applications and Wireless technologies
This is a particularly exciting area that I have started working in. This covers Web phones, WAP and i-Mode as well as Wireless LAN connectivity. I have written my own i-Mode and WAP pages for mobile phones. I have also set up Wireless links (802.11b) using WEP (Wireless encryption protocol).
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