Unix experience   

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bulletSCO Zenix and Unix.
bulletAT&T Unix
bulletSystem V
bulletQNX (Embedded)
bulletDigital Unix
bulletSolaris 7.0
bulletHP-UX 11.x
bulletSystem administration.


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SCO Zenix and Unix   
I first stated with Unix in 1985 when I was the technical director of my own company with a product called SCO Xenix (Santa Cruz Operation), and later to become  SCO Unix. This was mainly installation and system administration Intel platforms for our customers and we also ran our own system in house for development.

In May 1993 I started contracting, and wrote a communications interface using Berkeley sockets between an Intel PC running Telephone Operator Console (GPT, Poole) and an HP9000 from Hewlett Packard running the HP-UX operating system.

Sinix and AT&T System V
I later moved to Holland to work for Siemens Nixdorf who had their own variant of AT&T System V Unix called Sinux. This ran on their own hardware. I was mainly responsible for support of the TCP/IP stack in the Unix Kernel and was all very low-level work. I also wrote an interface between UUCP ( Unix to Unix Copy Program) and their .X25 interface card. UUCP was what the Unix world used for communications before the Internet became popular. This job also involved a lot of Unix installation and administration, Korn shell scripting, web server implementation and the like.

In January 1996 I worked as a consultant for Nedlloyd Lijnen ( Now P&O Nedlloyd shipping ) in Rotterdam. This company ran Sequent Symmetry platforms running Dynix/pt. This project was primarily disaster planning but I also did some administration and shell scripting for DNS improvements. 

Sun Solaris
Back in the UK, I continued writing communications interfaces using C++, Berkely Sockets, Remote Procedure calls and Serial communications protocols on Sun Sparc (Sun Solaris), Dec Alpha 2100A (BSD based HP-UX) and a Posix compliant embedded operating system called QNX (QSSL Canada). This was for a project for Mass Transit Railway Company in Hong Kong  and the Light Transit railway system in Kuala Lumpur. I also installed and administrated Thorn Transits own Solaris and Digital Unix platforms. This involved user administration, DNS, DHCP, NFS, Auto-mounter and other admin activities. I also worked with E-mail systems (Elm) POP,SMTP and PC integration.

Digital Unix
My largest Unix based project was the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority using Digital Unix (5.04D) on DEC Alpha Servers and Workstations. This was for two new en-route Air Traffic Control Centres. I wrote all of the commissioning procedures for this project, training the implementation team in Sweden and The UK.  I supervised the commissioning of 50 Digital Unix servers and some 150 workstations.

Solaris 7.0
At Colt-Telecom in Amsterdam I set up of a network monitoring system based upon HP Openview, NNM, Customer views on two Sun Solaris 7.0 platforms (Sun E220R and E240R). I also carried out other installation and Systems administration work at this time.

HPUX 11.0
I  am currently working at for a leading Pharmaceutical company in Belgium on HPUX 11.0 platforms running HP-Openview. This also involves system administration (SAM ,NFS etc.)

System Administration
I generally try to look for projects with a strong Unix and networking content. I donít particularly seek contracts doing Unix administration but with the length of experience I do have the necessary skills to do the job.

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