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Raspberry PI Internet Radio

This classic looking radio is constructed using the Raspberry PI credit card sized computer.

Internet radio back view

The back view shows the outlets for the three USB ports, an ethernet connection (Top), HDMI output (Bottom centre), Headphone jack (Bottom right). The other round holes are for cooling.

Internet radio inside

This view shows the inside of the Raspberry PI internet Radio. In the centre is the Raspberry PI in a transparent plastic case. On the right is the stereo amplifier which drives two 4 inch speakers. Fixed to the top is a 4 port USB hub with USB stick and Tenda Radio dongle. Right top is the Ethernet connection. On the left are the power supplies, one for the amplifier and the other for the stereo amplifier.

The radio's components

This photo show the components before assembly. From back and left to right. A wooden case, mains cable, Raspberry PI in a transparent plastic case, speaker grills, 5v power supply, 4 inch speakers, 2 x 16 LCD display, four port USB hub, stereo amplifier, five push button switches, 11.5v transformer for the stereo amplifier, ribbon cable and LCD interface board.

LCD interface using a Ciseco Slice of Raspberry PI

The LCD interface board for an industry standard HD44780 2 x 16 LCD display.

Ciseco board and ribbon cable

The LCD interface card with 26 way ribbon cable attached.

The LCD screen assembly

This view shows the HD44780 LCD display with the interface board and ribbon cable attached.

Raspberry PI Internet radio

The completed Raspberry PI Internet Radio.

Raspberry PI Radio Prototype

The Raspberry PI Internet prototype and development system.


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