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Rathbone Family

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Rathbone heritage web site
Click the tree below for the Rathbone My Heritage web site.

The above family tree traces the origins of the Rathbone family in the UK descended from George Rathbond 1650 from Cheshire


The Rathbone Family History
This page contains resources, information and links for the study of the Rathbone family. It includes links to famous members of the rathbone family.

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Famous Rathbone 's
  Basil Rathbone 1892-1967

Famous South African actor who played Sherlock Holmes


  Major Henry Rathbone 1837-1911

American Army Major present at the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14 1865

    John Rankin Rathbone 1910-1940

MP for Bodmin and WWII Fighter Pilot

    John Rankin (Tim) Rathbone 1933-2002

Commonly known as Tim Rathbone. Conservative MP for Lewes

  Eleanor Florence Rathbone 1872-1946

Independant British MP and campaigner for Women's rights.  Responsible for the introduction of Family Allowance in 1945.

    Other famous Rathbone's

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Acknowledgement. Much of the information was supplied by Mrs. Dorcas Hendershot from the one-name guild.









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