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bulletRaspberry PI Stepper Motor


This project uses a Stepper Motor Driver and a 28BYJ Stepper motor which is available from ModMyPi in the United Kingdom.

bulletRaspberry PI running Raspian Wheeze
bulletUses a MyPi - Step Your Pi - Stepper Motor & Driver Board
bulletDrives two x 5-Wire "28BYJ-48" Stepper Motor (One provided by ModMyPi)
bulletControlled by an Python application (Source available - see below)
Raspberry PI Stepper Motor Constructors Manual
Click the icon on the left to download the Stepper Motor constructors manual (PDF).
Raspberry PI Stepper Motor Source Code
Click the icon on the left to download the stepper motor source code (Python).


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Two stepper motors

Raspberry PI driving two stepper motors using the ModMyPi dual stepper motor driver board.






























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