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bulletRaspberry PI Projects for Schools


The following pages show some simple entry level projects for students at school or hobbyists encountering the Raspberry PI for the first time. Click on the links below for the details for these projects. At the moment I only have these pages but will shortly produce constructors manuals for these projects.

  The Raspberry PI is produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is a credit card sized computer. See their web site http://raspberrypi.org for more information

Note: These pages are constantly updated t so come back often.


The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) is collaborating with @Bristol and Bristol University to bring  a series of Raspberry Pi Boot camps to Bristol. The first one was on on Saturday  the 15th of June 2013. These events day include a range of activities to help the beginner to get going and the expert to share ideas with others. I  showed various Raspberry Projects shown on this site at the first Bristol Raspberry PI boot camp (Click menu on the left). See the following link for more information:


bulletSchool Projects
bulletTraffic light sequencer with pedestrian push button. This project provides basic handling of the GPIO interface using  LEDs and switches.
bulletSimple Four Button Internet Radio. Demonstrates interfacing GPIO with switches and how to interface the standard Music Player Daemon
bulletTraffic light sequencer with pedestrian push button using the MCP23017 expander (I2C interface). This project provides basic handling of the serial I2C interface using  LEDs and switches.
bulletMotor relay board using a small DC motor.











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