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Pi Radio 4x20 LCD

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bulletRaspberry PI Rotary Switch Tutorial


This tutorial is intended to help students and constructors to easily incorporate Rotary Encoders into their projects. The tutorial shows how to use the popular  e COM-09117 12-step rotary encoder from Sparkfun.com. It also has a select switch (Operated by pushing in on the knob in). This is the rotary encoder used in this tutorial.

bulletRaspberry PI running Raspian Wheeze
bulletExample of using incremental rotary encoder with push botton
bulletControlled by an Object Orientated  Python application (Source available - see below
  Raspberry PI Rotary Encoder Tutorial
Click the icon on the left to download the Rotary Encoder tutorial(PDF).
  Raspberry PI Rotary Encoder Source Code
Click the icon on the left to download the Rotary Encoder source code (Python).

Much of the information in this tutorial comes from an excellent article by Guy Carpenter. See:























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