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Pi Radio 4x20 LCD

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bulletRaspberry PI Maplin Robotic Arm


This project uses a Robotic Arm which is available from Maplin Electronics in the United Kingdom.

bulletRaspberry PI running Raspian Wheeze
bulletUses the Maplin Robotic Arm.
bulletThe robotic arm can be controlled using either a Joystick, Keyboard or a twelve button keypad
bulletThe program can also accept commands from a simple text file to automate commands
bulletThe program runs as a background daemon
bulletControlled by an Object Orientated  Python application (Source available - see below)
Raspberry PI Robotic Arm Constructors Manual
Click the icon on the left to download the robotic arm constructors manual (PDF).
Maplin Robotic Arm
Click the picture on the left to go to the Maplin website
Raspberry PI Robotic Arm Source Code
Click the icon on the left to download the robotic arm source code (Python).


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Maplin Robotic Arm connected to a Raspberry PI

Here is a Maplin Robotic Arm connected by USB port to the Raspberry PI. The joystick controls the arm via the second USB port. Alternatively the Robotic Arm can be driven from a 12 button keypad.













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