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Pi Radio 4x20 LCD

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bulletRaspberry PI Internet Radio


This internet radio is using a 4 x 20 line LCD display. To build it follow the instructions for the Raspberry PI Radio here. I built it into a clear plastic biscuit box.



bulletRaspberry PI running standard Music Player Daemon (MPD)
bulletFour line 20 character LCD
bulletClock display or IP address display (for web interface)
bulletSix push button operation (Menu, Volume Up, Down, Channel Up, Down and a spare)
bulletArtist and track scrolling search function
bulletPlays music from a USB stick
bulletWeb interface using snoopy and others
bulletPlays Radio streams or MP3 and WMA tracks
bulletControlled by an Object Orientated  Python application (Source available)

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Internet Radio with 4 by 20 LCD

This internet radio is using an 4 line 20 character display. It is built into a clear plastic case (Old cracker box)







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