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Radios and instruments
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Radios and instruments



bulletOld Radios and Instruments

Series 856 Multi-meter (1942)
Manufacturer: Precision Apparatus Company
Elmhurst N.Y. United States of America

Avometer Model 7 Mk II
Manufacturer: Avo Limited, Dover, England.
Ecko Model U245 ( 1955 )
 Medium and Long wave. Bakelite case
 Manufacturer: E.K.Cole Limited,
 Southend on Sea, England.
Telefunken Operette 7 (1956)
Medium, Long, short and ultra short wave with gramophone input.
6 tubes, Magic eye tuner and wooden case.
Manufacturer: Telefunken, West Germany
Cossor  Melody Maker Model 494 (1949)
Medium, Long, short and ultra short wave .
5 valve, bakelite case.
Manufacturer: Cossor, United Kingdom
Blaupunkt Granada Model 2220 (1957)
Medium, Long, short and FM (up to 100MHZ) .
6 valve, varnished wooden  case.
Manufacturer: Blaupunkt, Germany





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