QNX Real Time Embedded Operating System

QNX from QNX Software Systems Ltd (Formerly QSL) in Canada is a POSIX compliant Real time operating system and development tools. It utilizes a very compact Unix like kernel which ran at the time on Intel hardware.

I worked on version 4.2 of QNX  at Thorn Transit (Wells, Somerset, England) to provide a number of object orientated communications interfaces to colleagues working on a new railway ticketing system for MTR in Hong Kong.  This involved writing client-server communications between the embedded OS system and Solaris running on Sun SPARC. Much of the code was also used for a similar system for the metro in Kuala Lumpur. The MTR project took me to Hong Kong for a couple of months during 1997 but regretfully I never got the same chance to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Given my UNIX experience at the time I also set up QNX development network for five development teams.

Perhaps the greatest challenge that this proprietary OS now  faces is from the emerging and open Linux Embedded operating system. Click picture on the left for more information from the Embedded Linux Consortium.

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