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bullet Raspberry PI Internet Radio  Source

  The source consists of several source modules all written in Python using Object Orientated techniques. The source is released under the GNU General Public License. The radio software is released as a Debian package or can be downloaded from Github (See links below). The constructors manual is available here.

You can download the radio Debian package here: radiod_6.1_armhf.deb


If using a PiFaceCad display download radiod_5.12_armhf.deb
Use the following manual to install the above package:
Raspberry PI Radio V5.pdf

You can download the web package here (Uses PHP7): radiodweb_1.5_armhf.deb

Web pages

I only ask that if you modify any of the code you please leave all original credits in the source comments and consider making a donation.

It is now possible to download the source via GitHub

Release Notes


Please consider making a donation if you find this code useful. This helps me to continue maintaining this site so that yourself and others may also access the Raspberry PI projects in these pages.



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