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bulletRaspberry PI Internet Radio  LCD and Switches  Interface

  The LCD and switches interface card was built using a ModMyPi breakout board. This interfaces a standard HD44780 2 by 16  character LCD to the Raspberry PI. The interface card connects to the Raspberry PI using a standard 26 way ribbon cable.

Building the LCD and Switches Interface Card

Refer to the Raspberry PI Radio Constructors Manual for the wiring information.

Standard HD44780 LCD Display

ModMyPi Slice of Pi

The LCD and switches interface is built using the ModMyPi card.
bulletCiseco custom LCD and push button interface board

In late January 2014 I asked (through the openmicros.org support forum) if Ciseco would be interested in making an interface board specifically for this internet radio project. You can see the thread here.  If you think this is a good idea then please add your support for this request by adding your comments in the above thread.


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