Microsoft Windows

Early versions
I have worked with both DOS and Microsoft Windows from close to its beginnings. Most of the time was with Windows 3.11 and Windows for workgroups. Much of the time was writing communications software, terminal emulations and some graphics programs (See GPT Poole). I have used just about every concievable MS office product, including Word, Excel, Frontpage, Powerpoint and so on.  I even developed a hardware to interface to connect Windows based PC's to an ICL system 25 mini-computer. This involved writing the necessary device drivers, file transfer facility and terminal emulation products.

bulletWindows NT and NT Server
Much of my experience on Windows NT was conversion of communications software from DOS and earlier versions. I have installed and set up countless servers and workstations in my time. I have worked with many other Windows based products especially communications based software.
bulletWindows 95/98 and Millenium
Primarily home use as 95 and 98 didn't really make it into the professional world. This having been dominated  first by Windows NT, and now Windows 2000 workstation and servers. 
bullet Windows Vista, 2000 and Windows XP
 I use windows Vista mainly for web development and general use. I have also set up a Windows XP professional system for a local business.
bulletWindows 2000 Server 
I previously ran my own Windows 2000 server in my office. This provided services such as  printing, Web proxying, DNS, DHCP, ISDN standby (If my ADSL link goes down) and wireless LAN access (Alcatel). A Redhat Linux system interfaces to the server using Samba for both file sharing. 
bulletServer administration
I have all of the skills necessary to do server based administration, but this does not really fit my profile. As a IT professional; and whatever ones specialisation, a knowledge of Windows based systems would probably be considered essential  by most people. 





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