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Mobile Flight Planning
Weather Radar
Mobile Flight Planning
TAF and  METAR decode

Please note
The simulators provide actual TAF and METAR information, within the provisions describe in the disclaimer page.


Flight planning using mobile telephones

Please read the disclaimer page before using these pages. I designed these pages for my own private use for calling up flight planning information such as Airmet TAFs and METARS from my mobile phone. You are welcome to use the facility but are reminded that you do so at your own risk. The service is without any guarantees and may be suspended at any time. Click on the type of mobile telephone that you have to call simulator. You are advised to clear the cache in your mobile to prevent old data. Please check UTC timestamps at the start of the information. Also check out Pilot Calculator at the bottom of this page.



AviatorCalc is a Flight Planning application for Pilots for use specifically with mobile telephones. The product has been written in Java(J2ME). For more information click on the AviatorCalc logo on the left.

Web Phones

Clicking the i-Mode mobile telephone on the left calls up in an mobile phone simulator from Wapag.

If  you have a mobile phone with a web browser you can use the following bookmark for the Airmet page:

 Click mobile phone on the left  for simulation.



WAP phones






bulletYou can also use older style phones with a WAP browser.

Use the following bookmark. http://www.bobrathbone.com/wap/airmet.wml



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