Linux Experience 

I have worked with Linux since it's early days both at both work and at home.  I currently run Centos 5.0 (Red Hat clone) for this web server, but have also used SuSe and Slackware. I have set up Samba file servers, Apache web servers, DHCP and DNS using Linux.

I am working on a daily basis with the following Linux based technologies:

bullet Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RHEL4.8 up to RHEL 5.6 (RHL6.1 shortly)
bulletLinux High High Availability servers using Linux TCP/IP bonding drivers
bullet Red Hat Cluster
bullet IPv4 and IPv6 configuration scripts
bullet Kickstart and Cobbler installation
bullet DM Multipath
bullet Logical Volume Manager (LVM) storage management
bullet Syslog and Rsyslog
bulletApache web servers
bullet Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) shared storage
bullet Red Hat KVM Virtualization





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