HP Openview Network Node Manager

Colt Telecom
I first implemented HP Openview at the Internet Service Provider Colt Telecom in Amsterdam, Holland in October 2000. I evaluated the product and installed a test system in connection with a feasibility study. I prepared both the technical proposal and budget for management approval.

I was subsequently the project manager for the implementation of HP Openview and CiscoView on two Sun 220R platforms running Solaris 2.7. These two systems ran as a fully redundant  system using Network Node Managers automatic failover mechanisms. I also implemented the NNM companion product Customer Views which displays customer equipment in their own maps. The customer details were entered into a simple SQL database running on a Windows NT server interfaced with a third part ODBC link to  the HP Openview customer views database. The database was maintained using a web browser written in PHP4.  I also installed CiscoWorks and its Network Node manager interface. This NNM implementation also interfaced to Nethealth.

Nuon ICT, Amsterdam
I worked for a period of three months with the Windows NT version of Network Node Manger. I carried out some map maintenance but my experience was mainly as a user 

Pharmaceutical company,  Belgium
I subsequently joined the Operations department of a leading Pharmaceutical group who provide Networking and Computing services to the group and their business affiliates. The network consists of nearly a thousand routers, firewalls, load balancers and switches. The group also use Nortel Contivity VPN concentrators. All of these systems were monitored by a single HP D290 Unix platform (HP-UX 11.0) running Network Node Manager. 

To reduce unwanted network events I first implemented a network equipment filter and removed all non-network equipment from the maps. I subsequently wrote various event handlers to filter out ISDN calls in particular. I then wrote a system that separately showed summarized ISDN call information in a web browser, rather than displaying these  NNM's event browser. With other filters I was able to greatly improve the monitoring of the network and the frequency of events.

I also wrote an interface between Tivoli Enterprise Console and HP Openview. This took certain alarms from HP Openview and forwarded them to Tivoli. 

These facilities were written in either Korn Shell or Perl. The browser programs were either HTML or CGI scripts.




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