Cisco product experience  


Cisco Routers.

I have worked with most types of Cisco routers and IOS's from small ISDN home routers up to the Cisco 12000 series. I have configured serial, ISDN/PRI/BRI, E1, E3, and Channelized serial interfaces and have worked in both ATM and SDH (Sonet environments).  I also have experience with the Catalyst 6500 switch and MFSC.

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Catalyst 6500 & MFC Cisco 2500 Cisco 2600

Cisco 3600

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Cisco 7200 Cisco 7500 Cisco 7600

Cisco 12000


Cisco PIX firewall.

I have been maintaining and configuring Cisco PIX firewalls for a  period of nearly 5 years including  implementing access lists and NAT (Network address translation) for Nuon ICT in Amsterdam and a leading Pharmaceutical company  in Belgium.  The main work revolved around configuration of firewall access to new Web servers from the internet and internally for both Nuon and their business associates. I was also key in a major re-assessment of network security for Nuon's head office and as a result implemented a redesign of all access by external partners to the Nuon network via border routers and the firewall itself.  I also worked for a period of 6 months with Pix firewalls  at the Internet service Provider  Colt Telecom.

I would consider myself reasonably expert in most security aspects with Cisco PIX firewall, border routers and Content switches. I have also used Cisco Secure Policy Manager (CSPM) to maintain PIX firewalls. 


  VPN using PPTP and Cisco GRE

At Colt Telecom one of my projects was to set up a VPN between NT workstations and a Compaq DL30. This involved the implementation of a PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) tunnel via  local and dial up (ISDN) network connections via a Cisco 3600  and 12000 series core router. This meant enabling GRE (Cisco Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol) in each of these these routers (4 in total) along with various access lists. This was done to allow both  remote and local administration of the Compaq servers. Also included was production of user documentation.


 Cisco VPN Concentrator

Maintenance experience only. Checking number of open sessions, dealing with user login problems, general health checks of the VPN concentrator itself.


Network Address Translartion (NAT)

Network Address Translation.  This is a major aspect of network security in general and my main experience has been the configuration of various NAT schemes between public internet IP addresses and internal private addresses.  I also used NAT to increase the number of users in Nuon that were able to access certain external services by making these all look like they were coming  from the same network segment using NAT. This solved a long term problem that Nuon had been experiencing.


IpSec tunneling protocol

I have a good understanding of IpSec tunnels and how they are used including policy based routing to decide what traffic travels over an internet IpSec tunnel or goes via the company backbone for instance. I have also written a iPsec and GRE tunnel monitor program for a leading Pharmaceuticals company.


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