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AviatorCalc - Flight planning on your mobile phone

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  AviatorCalc Key Features

bulletUp to twenty stored flight plans.
bulletDownloadable waypoints.
bulletRhumbline distance and true course
bullet Eight aircraft details database.
bullet Thirty airports database
bullet Visual Cross Wind Calculator.
bullet Visual Heading and Groundspeed.
bullet Fuel burn and endurance.
bullet Fuel conversions.
bullet Leg time and distance flown.
bullet MACH and TAS calculator.
bullet True Airspeed (CAS to TAS)
bullet True Altitude calculator.
bullet Pressure Altitude calculator.
bullet Density Altitude calculator.
bullet Weight and balance calculator.
bullet Holding pattern calculator.
bullet Circuit pattern calculator
bullet Distances conversion
bullet Speed conversions
bullet TAFs and METARS via internet
bullet Context sensitive help
bulletUser manual in PDF format.
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