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Cossor Model 501
Cossor Model 501




bulletCossor Melody Maker Model 501AC

Cossor  Melody Maker Model 501AC (1950)
Medium, long and short wave .
5 valve, bakelite case.

Rear view

Manufacturer: AC. Cossor Ltd., Cossor House, Highbury Grove, London, N5, United Kingdom

The Model 501 was based on the earlier model 494 (1949). It was the same design as the model 500 but with a bakelite case unlike the 500 which had a wooden case.
A full size, 5-valve all-wave AC super-heterodyne with 8 inch moving coil speaker, built-in aerial, in graceful moulded bakelite cabinet. Price was 12. 19. 6. tax paid (May 1950).

Service Data Sheet Cossor 500 501 502 & 520
Circuit Diagram (Model 494)
Notes (Model 494)
This trader advert from November 1951 catalogue a range of products from this famous valve manufacturer.  The "Melody Maker", however, had been around 25 years.

Click on the advert for full text on www.vintage-technology.info

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