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Concorde Last Flight
This is a stunning Powerpoint presentation of Concorde's last flights.





I guess I have every right to associate myself with Concorde. I watched the first British production Concorde 002 make her maiden flight from Filton airfield, Bristol to Fairford on the 9th of April 1969. Much of the production work was carried out at British Aerospace (Now BAE systems) and Rolls Royce in Filton, Bristol. I worked on Data Collection Systems for production line for  Concorde and the its Olympus engines (See CV page). I watched the last production Concorde's roll of the line in the mid 70's. In June 2000 I had the great pleasure of flying as a passenger on Concorde. Sadly a few weeks later it crashed on the 25th of July 2000 just north of Paris, France and started the chain of events that led to it being withdrawn from service. On the 24th of October 2003 GBOAF returned to Filton. This was Concorde's last flight.  Click on the above picture to link to the Concorde SST site for a wealth of information on this wonderful aircraft.

  This is a link to the British Airways Concorde site and details Concorde's last passenger flights.



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