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bulletColt Telecom, Amsterdam, Holland

HP Openview implementation
In June 2000 I moved to Holland and joined the Internet Service Provider Colt Telecom. The last six months of the time that I was there, I implemented a new Network Monitoring System based on HP Openview. This consisted of Network Node manager and the Customer Views module to create customised maps to monitor Customers and Critical network resources.  I handle all aspects of the project from design, budget and implementation.

VPN implementation
At Colt Telecom one of my projects was to set up a VPN between NT workstations and a Compaq DL30. This involved the implementation of a PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) tunnel via  local and dial up (ISDN PRI) network connections via a Cisco 3600  and 12000 series core router. The access router used a MICA multiple modem card. This task meant enabling GRE (Cisco Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol) in each of these these routers (4 in total) along with various access lists. This was done to allow both  remote and local administration of the Compaq servers and Cisco routers. Also included was production of user documentation.


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