Cessna C152 Cockpit

    Move the mouse slowly over the instrument panel for an overview of each item.
    Click on the major instruments and controls for a brief explanation.


Artificial Horizon (AH) Air Speed Indicator (ASI) Altimeter (ALT) Bank and Turn Indicator Suction Meter Direction Indicator (DI) Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) Clock Engine RPM's meter Engine Throttle Fuel Mixture Knob Carburetor Heat Flap Handle Very High Frequency Direction Finder (VDF) Pilots Yoke Instructor or co-pilots flight yoke Horizontal Trimmer Co-pilot Rudder Pedals Radio stack Intercom and communications panel Transponder Pilots Rudder Pedals Fuel guages Electrical switches Master electrical switches Fuel Primer Cabin Heat Ammeter Engine temperature meter Electrical fuses and breakers Co-Pilot Headset Connections Microphone Ignition Switch Cabin heat knob Panel dimmer switch Pilots Radio Microphone  switch Starter Warning Light

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