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bulletBristol, England

Bristol was where I was born and raised. I started my career in computing working for Singer Business which was eventually taken over by International Computers Ltd.

I worked on the ICL System 25 and System 10. Much of the work was carried out at British Aerospace (Now BAE systems) and Rolls Royce where worked on Data Collection Systems for production line for amongst others Concorde and the its Olympus engines.

It was this which gave me a fascination for all things to do with Aircraft and flying.

 I started a partnership in 1982 of which I was the technical director until I took up contracting in January 1993. I have worked for various clients in and around Bristol, namely Thorn Transit (Wells) and Swift Computing.

Bristol is famous for its suspension bridge, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed and also built The Great Britain Steamship.Bristol is also well known for its Aerospace industries, Concorde and a mighty fine sherry called Bristol Cream.




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